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Graph-Tech NV2 PS-8863 Tune-O-Matic with String-Saver Saddles.

All ResoMax tune-o-matic bridges and tailpieces are made from Graph-Tech's proprietary lightweight ResoMax alloy that will leave each note dripping in tone and harmonics.  Exclusive to the ResoMax System, the AutoLock™ locking feature magnetically secures your bridge and tailpiece at all times without a tool to use or lose, making restringing quick and simple.

The ResoMax tune-o-matic bridge features an extended amount of saddle travel to make sure you have plenty of room to setup your guitar properly to ensure you and your guitar to perform at its best.


But the real bottom line: It was the best sounding bridge.


Behind the inset bridge we put an american-made B5 Bigsby tremolo. We fit this to the body to make sure that we have very solid contact. This is just one more step that insures the phenomenal, LsL tone.

Written by Lance Lerman — February 17, 2014