Pickguards | LsL Instruments

LsL pickguards are all made in house and hand-fit, aged and finished.

Single-ply: White, parchment or cream (beige).

Early versions of these tend to deform with age and I'm sure ours will too. But that's OK with us. All plastic will deform some with age but single-ply is much more susceptible to this. We hand age these, take off the gloss and put a little hand-wear in the appropriate places.

3-ply is stiffer and more modern. It comes in white-black-white, black-white-black, mint-green, black , mint-green and many other varieties. We can usually get them all.

We use our own, philips-head, nickel-plated, aged, screws to attach our pickguards onto Saticoys.

Written by Charlie Apps — February 12, 2013