Our Website is LIVE! | LsL Instruments

Welcome to our new website. Yippie! Still a lot to do but here's what we have so far.... Stay tuned!

Here are some of the highlights of our shiny, new website....

  • Check out our "Recently Shipped" page under Guitars. There you'll see what we've been up to lately and you can go directly to the dealer who's got the pictured guitar.
  • We are starting to offer for sale some of the parts that we spend so much time aging and making ready for our guitars
  • Lots of product shots of each model with it's different configurations, colors and more
  • Specifications for each model we make and the features of each model
  • Videos (more coming)

We hope you'll find our little bar here entertaining, informative and fun. We're givin' it our best shot, anyway....

Written by Lance Lerman — February 04, 2013