Our New Website... | LsL Instruments

Yes! We've done it! Our new website is here and we hope you'll like it. We've incorporated many new features we think you'll enjoy and that will help you find that guitar you've got in your head. There's a lot of information on our guitars with pictures galore and we're now offering our pickups and our aged parts for sale. So, who knows? Maybe you'll find something you'll like...stranger things have happened...

Also you'll find a "Recently Shipped" page where you can see what we've made recently and by clicking on the link below the guitar picture, you can go get the perfect, little darling. 

So now that we've finally built a real website, we'll keep adding features and content to keep the site fresh and engaging. Please stop by often and see what's new.


Your new, web-enabled, friends at LsL Instruments

Written by Lance Lerman — March 11, 2013