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THIS IS FROM XT-1 BLOG. The LsL XT-1 is inspired by the Generation X era of the Sunset Strip! Equipped and ready to scream and rock with all the sought-after features of the era, but luthier-built with modern refinements in materials, and construction techniques. The XT-1 features: an oil finished mahogany body, an oil finished baked maple, 22 polished jumbo fret, 12" radius neck, Original Floyd Rose® tremolo with body recess, Floyd Rose Locking nut, Gotoh tuners, Single 500kA volume pot, one body-mounted, LsL hand-wound, high output zebra humbucker. It's a true rocker and an amazing expression of beauty in simplicity. The LsL XT-1 will keep the skirts flying! Hairspray and spandex not included.



Written by Lance Lerman — February 19, 2014