FAQ | LsL Instruments

Here are some questions that pop up fairly often:

  •  What makes an LsL guitar worthy of my hard-earned cash?
    • Firstly, and most importantly, we all deeply care about what we make and the people who play our guitars. This company was founded with the desire to make the kind of guitar that you will reach for among the several you have.. Virtually all LsL players have owned and do own several other guitars and we must be the best of the bunch. The way we see it there are three ways to sell guitars these days: either make them really cheap, have a big brand name, or make 'em great. So we make them great. They have to be. Every single one. The devil is in the details and that, combined with dedication and expertise, is what makes the difference.
  •  Does LsL make their own bodies and necks?
    • Yes, we make our own bodies, necks, pickguards, pickups, truss-rods, most of our bridges, saddles and more. We're almost like a real guitar company.
  • Does LsL sell guitars directly to the public?
    • Sorry but that's a "no". We sell through our worldwide network of great dealers who provide a very valuable service to both you, the customer, and to us by getting our guitars out there where they can be played and appropriately fondled. We do however, love to be in touch with our customers. If you order a guitar through one of our dealers you can call the shop and discuss your needs with us. We'll be happy to oblige in any way we can.
  • Why does LsL hand-shape their necks?
    • Feel one and you'll know. Chances are that you've felt one on a vintage guitar but probably not on anything recent. Another benefit is that we are not constrained to a few neck shapes. We can make any shape we (or better yet, you) want. 
  • What's with the finish cracking?
    • Old lacquer just sounds better so we make our finishes thin and cracked. We feel that this opens up the tone of the guitar. This is one of the reasons that old guitars sound so good. Real lacquer continues to dry out until its gone, getting thinner and thinner with age. We just elect to start out thin and checked like that old guitar. You'll hear the difference immediately.
  • Can LsL make un-aged guitars?
    • Sure! We do like to crack the finish but if you don't want it that way, no problem. Just order it like that. In fact, we'll make them however you like. But we do make the finishes very THIN so if we do no aging at all, we'll have to layer on some more clear.
  • Can I get a special color?
    • Yes. We do a lot of custom colors. We'll need to get a good idea of what you want so you'll have to supply a picture or sample. There is an extra charge for color matching but we do it all the time. And here comes the disclaimer......since we don't have a high-tech, computerized color matcher our matching will of course, vary. We'll come as close as we can, so expect some variation here.
  • Why doesn't LsL engrave the names into the backplates?
    • Have you ever been divorced? The naming thing started as sort of a lark. I named one guitar and then another, etc... As time went on we found ourselves referring to guitars by their names and that was both convenient and sort of cool. Though we have always numbered the necks we've found that naming the guitars gave them more of the unique personality that we were going for. An added plus was that we could remember the names of guitars that were, well,,memorable. Like those that went to our guitar heroes or the like. But, as you might imagine, it has become a little more difficult to come up with unique names. We're still at it but sooner or later we're going to run out of names and have to add a letter for a last name or something like that. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.....