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This is our take on a classic. Our Balboa Bass is our first LsL bass and she's a real beaut.

These are all made right here with the usual LsL attention to detail and commitment to excellence. We start with the best lumber available - in this case some very special alder for the bodies and quartersawn eastern hard maple for the necks and Indian rosewood for the fingerboards. We hand-shape the necks and body contours for an organic feel that is really noticeable.
Our Balboa basses also come equipped with our own, hand-wound pickups with a sweet vintage voice to them. We finish all of these darlings with thin coats of nitrocellulose lacquer. 
These basses are truly extraordinary and have garnered so many OMG moments. We just love watching people play one for the first time. You will too.
Check our specs page for full specifications.


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These come with CTS 250K ohm potentiometers and very high quality capacitors. We also use the best Switchcraft input jacks. We use vintage style, fabric covered wire throughout.


Like all our other models, we make these pickguards right here. They are made to our own exacting tolerances so the fit is perfect. We then hand age them for a realistic vintage look. These are available in all the usual colors.


We select the best possible lumber for all our necks. We use straight grain, quartersawn, eastern hard-rock, Maple. We then hand-shape them so they have that special, organic feel we're known for.

We even mold our own dots so custom colors can be ordered too!


We use .104 x .047" nickel-silver frets. We polish them to a mirror finish and hand finish all the ends.


Balboas come with especially selected and dried, light Alder bodies.


We use Gotoh ultra-light weight, reverse wind tuners on these. The expensive ones....


A G&G hardshell case made right here in Los Angeles.


Our Balboa bass comes equipped with our own, hand-wound, vintage-voiced pickups.


We use La Bella RX-N4D Nickel Plated Strings

.045, .065, .085, .105

Fingerboard Radius

Balboa basses have a 7.25" fingerboard radius standard

9.5 and 12" are also available.

All are Indian Rosewood


How's 'bout a hand here? Give us a like!