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LsL's Bigbone series guitars are a new take on our Badbone models but this time with American-made Bigsbys. We use either an ash, alder or a mahogany body and we add an arm cut and a sleek belly cut on the back. 
There was no way we were going to put some awful conglomeration of goofy bridge/bigsby on one of our models. So ugly, heavy and non-functional was out of the question. The goal is to offer a Bigsby equipped Tbone that would not have any of the tuning or string height issues that many similarly equipped guitars suffer from. The solution we came up with was to use a Graph-Tech tune-o-matic bridge that has been inset into the body to maintain correct string height for a Tbone and would also have a good break-over angle (the angle at which the strings cross over the bridge saddles). Since all bridges of this type are pre-set for a 12" radius fingerboard we manually cut the saddles to accommodate the standard 9.5" radius used on our Bigbones.  The saddles on these bridges are self-lubricating and this allows for smooth vibratos that stay in tune. Yahoo! To further stabilize the tuning we install a set of Gotoh locking tuners. 
We offer four different Bigbone pickup configurations:
LsL P-90s
LsL PAF style Humbuckers
TV Jones Classic Filtertrons
Lollar Gold-Foil 

These guitars come standard with:
        Swamp Ash, Alder or Mahogany contoured body
        Single-piece maple or maple/rosewood 9.5" radius, hand-shaped necks
        Figured maple available
        Gotoh Locking Tuners
        USA-made, B5 Bigsby tremolo, hand fit to the guitar body
        Graph-Tech Tune-a-matic bridge with String Saver saddles
        Hand-cut and lubricated bone nut
        Cleartone Coated strings (.010 set)
        3-way selector switch located on upper bout
        Back-routed control cavity
        CTS Pots 
        6105 frets that have been hand-milled, rounded and polished
        (stainless steel frets are available)
        Mojo Dijon, tone capacitor
        Matching headstock is available for an extra charge
        Super-Thin, nitrocellulose finish in a WIDE variety of colors
        Available in either new or aged versions
        G&G, Made in USA, hardshell case

    Like all LsL guitars these are made to the highest standards and are recognized around the world as among the finest guitars available. Don't believe us --- check out what our customers say.




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    Select a feature on the guitar...


    Bigbone series guitars come with Gotoh Locking tuners.



    Our Bigbone necks are made from our incredible selection of Northern Maple. Fingerboards can be either Indian Rosewood or Maple.

    We hand-shape all our necks and there's nothing like it. So we can shape whatever we want. We're not locked into specific shapes.
    Just order what you would like: big "C", "Soft V" etc. You can also supply us with thickness measurements and we'll make that too

    Necks with a rosewood fingerboards tend to have a slightly darker sound than an all maple neck.


    The finish is a very important component of any guitar's tone and we take it seriously here at LsL. Thin finishes are very difficult to do and require a lot of hand work.  Thankfully we've had a lot of practice and we're pretty good at it now.

    As with all our guitars, Bigbones are finished with a super thin coat of nitrocellulose lacquer. They are then hand sanded and buffed to a high gloss. We can make anything from shiny-new to stupid aged.

    We offer a very wide range of color choices but if that still doesn't float your boat we can do custom finishes too.



    We make Bigbones in a variety of pickup configurations:


    LsL Hand-wound P90's

    LsL Hand-wound humbuckers

    Lollar Gold-Foil

    TV Jones Classic Filtertrons


    Bigbones have one tone and one volume control that reside in a back-routed control cavity. The pickup selector switch is located in the upper bout of the guitar and is a 3-position toggle switch.


    We use Mojo Dijon tone capacitors.


    Bigbone bodies are available in:

    Swamp Ash




    As with all of our guitars, all bodies and necks are made right here by US!


    On our Bigbone series we've elected to add attractive arm cuts and belly cuts. We've also placed the pickup selector switch on the upper bout of the body.

    Fingerboard Radius

    Bigbone guitars come standard with 9.5" radius fingerboards. You can also order one with a 12" radius. Due to the bridge construction, we can't make 7.25" fingerboards with this model.


    Our Bigbone guitars come with Cleartone Coated strings: .010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046. 

    Cleartone strings offer the patented VolumeBOOST and ToneLOCK technologies. 

    VolumeBOOST gives the strings up to 36% more volume than an uncoated set while ToneLOCK allows the strings to last 3.5x longer than other non-coated brands.


    Graph-Tech NV2 PS-8863 Tune-O-Matic with String-Saver Saddles.

    All ResoMax tune-o-matic bridges and tailpieces are made from Graph-Tech's proprietary lightweight ResoMax alloy that will leave each note dripping in tone and harmonics.  Exclusive to the ResoMax System, the AutoLock™ locking feature magnetically secures your bridge and tailpiece at all times without a tool to use or lose, making restringing quick and simple.

    The ResoMax tune-o-matic bridge features an extended amount of saddle travel to make sure you have plenty of room to setup your guitar properly to ensure you and your guitar to perform at its best.


    But the real bottom line: It was the best sounding bridge.


    Behind the inset bridge we put an american-made B5 Bigsby tremolo. We fit this to the body to make sure that we have very solid contact. This is just one more step that insures the phenomenal, LsL tone.


     All our Bigbone guitars are equipped with 6105, nickel-silver frets. They are .055 high x .090 wide and we find them to be the best choice for width and height.

    Stainless steel frets are also available.

    We take great pride in our fretwork. Look closely at the rounded tops and ends. This takes a lot of time and effort but we think it's worth it.


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