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Carl, like many of you, does a fair about of studio work. Though he loves the Saticoy single-coil sound, single-coil pickups tend to pickup noise and that could be a problem whether in a recording studio or in venues where the lighting or electrical system is sub-par. So we created the CVS Studio. We went to the pickup gurus at Seymour Duncan and got them to make us some pickups that would still give us an LsL tone but also be hum-cancelling. Carl is pretty picky (no pun intended) about his tone. Making hum-cancelling pickups that would satisfy both us and Carl would be a challenge. And it was. But now we have the best of both worlds. We have found that whenever you delete the noise you also delete some sparkle. So Seymour Duncan came up with a method were we can turn off the noise cancelling and you can get that extra little bit of tone. We incorporated a push-pull switch into one of the tone knobs that turns the hum-cancelling off. 

In all other regards the CVS Studio model is the same as the CV Special guitar. 



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We use a Gotoh vintage style bridge with 2 3/16" string spacing.


CV Specials are shipped with the Dean Markley, Carl Verheyen, Balanced Bridge, Helix Electric string set.

They are:

.009, .012, .016, .026, .037, .046

We also set the guitar up with Carl's famous "Floating Bridge" setup. That allows the player to pull up on the trem bar and get a perfect minor 3rd rise in the "G" string.

Fingerboard Radius

These guitars all come with rosewood fingerboards that have a 9.5" radius. 


All our CVS Studio guitars are equipped with 6105, nickel-silver frets. They are .055 high x .090 wide and we find them to be the best choice for width and height.

Stainless Steel frets are available too.


Like the Carl Verheyen Special guitars, we use the lightest alder we have for these. They have a strict weight limit and are limited to two-pieces.


How's 'bout a hand here? Give us a like!