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 Our DelRey guitar is our first model to be of an LsL original design.  This is our take on a modern design with a retro feel. It has a sculpted body both front and back with easy access to the high frets. This is a guitar that not only sounds and plays like all LsL's, it has a look that will surely get a lot of attention. 

The DelRey comes standard with a maple neck that has a 12" radius fingerboard Rosewood fingerboards are also available. And like all LsL guitars, it comes with a hand-shaped neck and LsL's own hand-wound pickups. The standard model has an LsL low-output humbucker in the bridge position with two LsL Saticoy pickups in the middle and neck positions. 

A 5-way pickup selector switch is standard. 

All DelReys come with an Alder body for a smooth, even tone.

We use 6105 style, nickel-silver frets in all our guitars. Stainless Steel is available also.

DelReys are equipped with an LsL Tremolo Bridge with vintage style saddles and a two-piece tremolo block. This allows you to color your tone by changing either the bass side or treble side tremolo block to either brass, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, or titanium. We supply  steel blocks on both sides.

The DelRey guitar a real eye popper that not only looks fabulous but plays and sounds like the LsL guitar that it is.

  • Scale Length: 25.5"
  • 1.62" wide Bone Nut
  • Hand Shaped Maple or rosewood fingerboard necks
  • 12" standard fingerboard radius with 9.5 also available
  • Graph-Tech Ratio Tuners
  • Sculpted Alder body
  • Wide variety of colors available
  • NC Lacquer finish
  • Non-aged with aging available
  • Form-fit, American made, G&G Hardshell case





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Select a feature on the guitar...


We have a wide variety of colors available for the DelReys but metallic colors look especially good on these babies.

Take a look at our other pictures on the site and you're sure to find a color that moves you. And if you just can't find what you need, we can also do a custom finish for you.

All finishes are thin, nitrocellulose lacquer. Here are some examples:


Sparkle Red Vintage White Dark Ion
E-Foam Green Sea Foam Green (aged) RC Red
Bound Flat-Top Black Bound Gold Top Bound Gold Top


 LsL Humbucker in the bridge position

LsL Saticoy 60's in the neck postion

All LsL pickups are hand-wound and only available through LsL.

CTS Pots

Mojo Dijon Capacitor

3-way selector switch


DelReys come with LsL made pickguards in:


Black Bakelite

White single-ply



Other colors are available upon request.

And, you can special order brushed aluminum pickguards in silver, gold or black. 


DelReys come with a form-fit, hardshell case made right here in Los Angeles by the renown, G&G Quality Case company. 


Necks on DelReys are made from maple. They are available with maple or rosewood fingerboards.

Standard fingerboard radius is 12"

Hand-shaped - every one of them. This takes a lot of time but the result is clearly worth the effort.

Clear (no tinting) Nitrocellulose finish.

Inset bullet truss-rod adjuster in headstock



DelReys come with Alder bodies. They are light and have a smooth, even tone. 

Body contours are all sculpted by hand after rough shaping on machinery. 

Contours are extensive on this guitar with several on both the fronts and backs of the guitar. Its a lot of work but its worth it. 


DelReys are finished with a thin, nitrocellulose finish. Metallic colors look particularly great with all the contours on this guitar. We hand sand and buff all our finishes.  


Our instruments all come with 6105 size frets. That is they are .090" wide and .055" tall. They are the perfect combination of width and height.

DelReys come with 12" radius fingerboards.

All our frets are hand milled and all ends are rounded by hand and then polished for smooth playing and bending.

Stainless frets are available for an extra charge - they kill our tools and are difficult to make but they last almost forever and are a joy to bend on


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