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An LsL Tbone with two TV Jones, Classic, pickups. Back-routed controls, single volume.  We use an LsL bridge and cut it short to accomodate the TV Jones bridge pickup. And, of course, we make our own pickguards, bridges, saddles, bodies, hand-shaped necks, and neck plates. We even custom make our screws! 

These, like all of our instruments, have our super-thin, nitrocellulose finishes that have been weather-checked to bring out the TONE. These are extraordinarilly fun guitars and have become wildly popular.


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Like all our guitars, our La Perronita models are finished with a very thin, nitrocellulose, lacquer finish.

We then weather-check the finish to give the guitar an open, airy sound like a vintage guitar would have.

We're going for tone here! 


 Our La Perronita guitars are equipped with TV Jones, Classic neck and bridge pickups. 

We can also use TV Jones, Powertrons if you want a higher output pickup.


This is one of the very few guitars we make that doesn't use our own, LsL pickups.


 We take an LsL Tbone bridge and cut it for these guitars as we do with our Badbone 1 model. 

We use our own LsL, brass saddles, too. 


 All La Perronitas come with single ply pickguards. And, yes, we make them here.

Available colors are:

Black (bakelite with lacquer)




We generally tint our light colored pickguards so they don't have a bright, too new look.


 La Perronitas come in our USA made, G&G case.


  • Black
  • Gold Metallic
    Gold Metallic
  • Blonde
  • Butterscotch Blackguard
    Butterscotch Blackguard
  • DeSoto Blue
    DeSoto Blue
  • E-Foam Green
    E-Foam Green
  • Ice Pink
    Ice Pink
  • Lake Placid Blue
    Lake Placid Blue
  • RC Red
    RC Red
  • Red
  • Sea Foam Green
    Sea Foam Green
  • Sea Foam Green Pearl
      Sea Foam Green Pearl
  • Two-tone Sunburst
    Two-tone Sunburst
  • Three-tone Sunburst
    Three-tone Sunburst
  • Vintage Cream
    Vintage Cream
  • Vintage White
    Vintage White

Custom Colors and headstock painting are available for an extra charge.


 La Perronita necks are made from our incredible selection of Northern Maple. Fingerboards are also maple but can be ordered with rosewood.

We hand-shape all our necks and there's nothing like it. So we can shape whatever we want. We're not locked into specific shapes.
Just order what you would like: big "C", "Soft V" etc. You can also supply us with thickness measurements and we'll make that too.

They come in either all maple or maple with a rosewood fingerboard. 

Necks with a rosewood fingerboards tend to have a slightly darker sound than an all maple neck.


 All our La Perronita guitars are equipped with 6105, nickel-silver frets. They are .055 high x .090 wide and we find them to be the best choice for width and height.

We spend a lot of time on our fretwork and the results are evident in the feel and play-ability of our instruments. Like butta.

Fingerboard Radius

 La Perronitas come with a 9.5" fingerboard radius as standard.

7.25" and 12" are available for an extra charge.


LsL La Perronitas come equipped with two, TV Jones, Filtertron, Classic, dual-coil, pickups. 

Guitars are equipped with one, 3-position toggle switch for pickup selection and one volume knob.

If you really want a tone control, that is available. 


 Standard La Perronitas are made from our specially selected, Swamp Ash. 


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