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LsL Carl Verheyen Signature Pickup Set

We've spent many hours of R&D developing a pickup set for Carl Verheyen. This pickup comes factory installed in every CV model guitar we build. We can describe the set as warm, vintage, and open, but most importantly, we've created this set to reproduce the sound that Carl hears in his head. Besides the amazing tone, this pickup set has amazing "Feel". Chimey and articulate, but also rocks and sings with musical sustain when you dig in. Very touch sensitive, they listen to the the wood and material composition of a guitar as a whole. Hardware upgrades to your guitar will be more audibly noticeable.





  • Aged, Hand Cut, Shaped, and Staggered A5 Magnet Poles
  • 42 AWG Plain Enamel Wire
  • Hand Wound
  • Cloth Insulated Wire Leads
  • Vintage Low Output Calibrated Set
  • Reverse Wound, Reverse Polarity Middle Pickup
  • Carl Verheyen Approved!


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