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LsL Tele® Style Hand-Wound Neck Pickup

This is the same neck pickup that we use in our renowned T-Bone guitars. This one has a DC resistance of 5.89K Ohms and that is in our standard range.

This pickup is part of what made LsL what we are today. It is made from ALL AMERICAN PARTS!

Now for the first time you can purchase one for your Tele® style guitar!

Some Specs:

  • Hand-wound
  • Alnico 5 Rod Magnets
  • 10" 22 AWG cloth covered wire leads
  • Comes with 2 LsL, aged #6 x 3/4" , round-head, philips, mounting screws and latex tubing for each screw. These are for pickguard mounting. (we mount these into the body directly so our pickguards do not have neck pickup mounting holes).
  • Lighty wax potted


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This product has been designed to fit:

  • LsL
  • Tbone
  • Telecaster®

Sold out.