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Our Mongrel is what its name implies, a Mongrel. This guitar is a hybrid of our T Bone and Saticoy models. It's an incredibly versatile guitar that combines some of the best features of both models in one guitar. With its T Bone bridge and P-88, higher output, T Bone pickup, it has the spanky lead tone that will cut through with a brilliant tone. Then in the middle and neck positions we've placed our T Bone neck pickup with the middle being a reverse-wound/reverse-polarity version. Now you've got the great T Bone neck position plus both of the out of phase tones and a new middle position tone. The Mongrel has a T Bone style control plate that is reversed with one volume, one tone control and a 5-way switch.

Our Mongrel also features an arm cut, belly cut, rounded neck heel and a relieved cutaway on the treble side of the body. Mongrels are available in Swamp Ash and Alder and they can be made with maple or rosewood fingerboards with a fairly flat 12" radius. They can also be special ordered with a vintage, 7.25" or more modern 9.5" radius.

We use our standard T Bone bridge with LsL, brass saddles, springs and screws like on our T Bones.

If you need a guitar that covers both T Bone and Saticoy tones, then the Mongrel is for you.


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 Our instruments all come with 6105 size frets. That is they are .090" wide and .055" tall. They are the perfect combination of width and height.

Stainless Steel frets are also available for an extra charge. They kill our tools but they last a very long time and are a joy to bend on.


  • Black
  • Butterscotch Blackguard
    Butterscotch Blackguard
  • DeSoto Blue
    DeSoto Blue
  • E-Foam Green
    E-Foam Green
  • Ice Pink
    Ice Pink
  • Lake Placid Blue
    Lake Placid Blue
  • RC Red
    RC Red
  • Red
  • Sea Foam Green
    Sea Foam Green
  • Sea Foam Green Pearl
    Sea Foam Green Pearl
  • Two-tone Sunburst
    Two-tone Sunburst
  • Three-tone Sunburst
    Three-tone Sunburst
  • Vintage Cream
    Vintage Cream
  • Vintage White
    Vintage White
  • Custom Colors and headstock painting are available for an extra charge.


Maple, hand-shaped neck with either maple or rosewood fingerboard.

Standard Mongrel fingerboard radius is 12".


Available in Swamp Ash, Sugar Pine or Alder Body


Two, CTS Pots and a 5-Way Switch. Beautiful middle position tones come from unique combinations of a Tbone, P-88. high-output Bridge and Neck pickup together or two, Tbone neck pickups together.

A Mojo Dijon capacitor for the tone circuit.


All LsL Pickups are hand-wound.

Bridge Pickup: LsL P-88 higher output T Bone pickup.

Middle Pickup: LsL Reverse Wound/Reverse Polarity T Bone neck pickup.

Neck Pickup: LsL T Bone Neck Pickup.


D'Addario XL110 Strings.

The string gauges are: .010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046


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