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Here is our first semi-hollow body guitar and she's a stunner. We rout a complex wave-guide into the body that transmits sound out the F-holes. These come with either an alder top or you can get one with a curly or quilted maple top. Like all our guitars, the necks are hand-shaped. Our Soledads are also available in a wide variety of pickup combinations. This guitar has a very distinct sound that is somewhat reminiscent of our Saticoys. Since the body is semi-hollow they are very lightweight instruments. The body is made from Swamp Ash which is then painted black for a beautiful two-tone look. 

Here's a video of Ricky Rouse playing our prototype Soledad....which he took home:

And one of the great, Carl Verheyen playing one of our double hum Soledads:


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Select a feature on the guitar...


The Soledad has one volume and one time control. CTS pots,wriggle switch and a long bushing, Switchcraft Jack are used. The long bushing jack allows for the use of right angle cords- a feature sorely missing from most guitars of this shape. 


The Soledad comes standard with our own Tbone set of pickups. We also offer it with many other combinations such as the incredible double hum and 290 configuration which is our humbucker in the bridge and our P90 in the neck position. LsL pickups have helped make our guitars the standard for professional players the world over. After comparing our humbuckers to a PAF equipped, 1959 ES-335, both Joe Walsh and Keith Urban walked out of Killer Vintage in St Louis with our guitars in hand. After hearing our double hum Soledad for the first time the guys at Killer said "You've outdone yourselves".


A black, G&G, hardshell, case is included with every Soledad, These cases are made right here in Los Angeles.


Our Soledads come with our own LsL ashtray bridges, saddles, springs and screws. On models that don't have a Tbone pickup in the bridge position we use our cut version of the bridge.


We use medium sized, nickel-silver, 6105 frets. These are .050 high x .090 wide. They are pressed in and then accurately hand-milled, rounded and polished to a mirror finish.


Our Soledad bodies are made from select swamp ash. We rout our own wave guide cavity and then top it with either alder or figured maple.

Fingerboard Radius

Our Soledad guitar comes with a 9.5" fingerboard radius standard. 7.25" and 12" are also available.


Our necks are made from the finest hand-picked Northern Maple we can gather. These guitars come with a rosewood fingerboard standard. Our neck profiles are all shaped by hand for that special feel that only humans can do. Necks can also be ordered in a variety of shapes, with variations such as "Big C's", "Soft V's", etc. Whatever you fancy in a neck, we can make for you.We use only the best lumber available, of course.


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