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Our T-bone is a re-creation of the best a '50's or '60 vintage T-style guitar has to offer and more. We start by selecting the best possible materials and then make them right here in our shop. We make the bodies, necks, truss rods, pickups, saddles and pick guards all here. Each body is built and detailed by hand. Each neck is hand shaped. Then we lay on the thinnest possible nitrocellulose lacquer finish and that finish is then weather checked. This creates a very airy, open, articulate tone that is then enhanced by our own, LsL hand-wound pickups.  
This is as close as you can get to achieving the tone, playability, look and feel of a vintage guitar. Our T-bones have found their way into the hands of many a player who has replaced their 50's-vintage instrument with ours.
The best materials, best processes and a love and care for each guitar is what makes the T-bone the new standard in vintage-style instruments.  We make them all for ourselves but then we have to sell them.


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Select a feature on the guitar...


  • Black
  • Black Paisley on Butterscotch
    Black Paisley on Butterscotch
  • Black Paisley on DeSoto Blue
    Black Paisley on DeSoto Blue
  • Black Paisley on Three-Tone Sunburst
       Black Paisley on Three-Tone Sunburst
  • Black Paisley on Vintage Cream
    Black Paisley on Vintage Cream
  • Blonde
  • Butterscotch Blackguard (original color)
    Butterscotch Blackguard (original color)
  • DeSoto Blue
    DeSoto Blue
  • E-Foam Green
    E-Foam Green
  • Ice Pink
    Ice Pink
  • Lake Placid Blue
    Lake Placid Blue
  • RC Red
    RC Red
  • Red
  • Sea Foam Green
    Sea Foam Green
  • Sea Foam Green Pearl
      Sea Foam Green Pearl
  • Two-tone Sunburst
    Two-tone Sunburst
  • Three-tone Sunburst
    Three-tone Sunburst
  • Vintage Cream
    Vintage Cream
  • Vintage White
    Vintage White
  • Amber Korina
    Amber Korina

Custom Colors and headstock painting are available for an extra charge.


G&G, U.S. made, hard-shell cases.



We use CTS pots, fiber covered wire, and Mojo Dijon capacitors. We also use a 3/8" long bushing output jack to accommodate right-angle guitar plugs (ya gotta love that).

An American-made, 3-way pickup selector switch.

Our Tbones are made with modern wiring which has one tone and one volume that work in each position.

Different wiring configurations are available on request.


Bridge pickup: LsL Hand-wound, single-coil, vintage voiced OR LsL Hand-wound, P-88, hotter tone.


Neck pickup: LsL Hand-wound, single-coil, T Bone neck pickup. This pickup has a rich, full tone.


All LsL guitars are finished with Nitrocellulose lacquer. We mix our own colors and apply as thin a finish as possible and then hand-sand and buff. We then crack the finish to allow the guitar to sing and since the finish is so thin already we apply a little creative beating so it has that played hard, brought home sweaty (for many years), kind of feel to it. Each one is unique and has her own personality.


We put on our own, LsL Bridge, brass saddles, screws, and springs. The treble side flange is cut off to offer better access to the high strings.


LsL uses the best lumber available and we have strict weight limits on our bodies.

Comes in either Swamp Ash, Sugar Pine or Alder..But wait! There's more! We now offer Korina and Mahogany too!

Ash has a classic tone, like an old '52.

Pine is snappy with a big bottom and a big top and a more articulate attack.

Alder is smooth, even and round with a darker tone.


LsL Pickguards are all made in house and hand-fit and finished. They are available in:

Lacquered bakelite

Vintage, single-ply, aged white. Early versions of these tend to deform with age and I'm sure ours will too. But that's OK, I like it. We hand age these, take off the gloss and put a little hand-wear in the appropriate places.

3-ply is stiffer and more modern. It comes in white-black-white, black-white-black, mint-green, black, mint-green and many other varieties. We can usually get them all.

We use our own, slot-head, nickel-plated, aged, screws to attach our pickguards.


Our Bigbone guitars come with Cleartone Coated strings: .010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046.  (high to low in inches)

Cleartone strings offer the patented VolumeBOOST and ToneLOCK technologies. 

VolumeBOOST gives the strings up to 36% more volume than an uncoated set while ToneLOCK allows the strings to last 3.5x longer than other non-coated brands.

Our Bigbone guitars come with Cleartone Coated strings: .010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046.


Our instruments all come with 6105 size frets. That is they are .090" wide and .055" tall. They are the perfect combination of width and height.

Stainless frets are available for an extra charge - they kill our tools and are difficult to make but they last forever and are a joy to bend on.


We hand-shape (yes, hand-shape) all our necks and there's nothing like it. So we can shape whatever we want. We're not locked into specific shapes.

Just order what you would like: big "C", "Soft V" etc. You can also supply us with thickness measurements and we'll make that too.

They come in either all maple or maple with a rosewood fingerboard. We've even done some exotics like rosewood and korina. 

Necks with a rosewood fingerboard tend to have a slightly darker sound than an all maple neck.

Fingerboard Radius

Fingerboards can be made with 7.25" or a 9.5" radius.

The 7.25" radius is rounder and therefore its geometry will not allow for very low action, but it feels great. We set all our guitar's action to .060" from the high E string to the top of the 12th fret and that suits most folks. Just right.

A 9.5 radius is a bit flatter than a 7.25. It can accommodate a lower action. So it can feel faster to some.


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